Get IT done with more rapid and reliable deployment.

Automate your deployment pipeline and increase speed to market.

Adopting a Continuous Development (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI) solution automates the entire deployment pipeline and gives your company a significant competitive edge. Charter Global’s developers are experienced in technologies such as Ansible, Jenkins, Nagios, and Splunk, so you can deliver software releases more rapidly and reliably.

Improve how you conduct business and customer satisfaction.

“Our Continuous Delivery project had a significant impact on how we conduct our business. Charter Global was able to take our delivery system to the next level so we can respond more quickly to consumer needs.”


Tippu Gagguturu


Charter Global CD Toolset

JIRA for full SDLC release management

Ansible for infrastructure configuration management

Jenkins for automated builds and deployments

Homogeneous deployment procedures per environment

Automate integration and testing in the development environment

Identify and fix issues faster/easier with more frequent releases

Why Charter Global?

Proven deployment methods and experienced resources expedite production

CD toolset establishes a services oriented architecture (SOA)

Automated pipeline deployment reduces cycle times

Stay ahead of the competition with software releases delivered more quickly

Supports rapid micro releases, plus single click rollbacks

Identify and fix issues faster/easier with more frequent releases

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