Maximize Your Pega Potential

If you’re an existing Pega user, these are some problems that you may have experienced:

  • Pega requires a mindset change. Think of case management
  • It takes many sprints to build a Pega workflow
  • There are no tools in Pega to improve end-to-end performance

All of these are common excuses to shift the vendor problems to the client and it may be time to consider a new implementation partner. Our team of certified Pega professionals has the expertise and infrastructure to help you fully leverage the potential of your Pega solution and achieve your business objectives.

90% of businesses experienced increased efficiency and productivity after implementing Pega.

Best Practices for Pega Implementation

Companies who have worked on a few projects or utilized Pega for a couple of years should strive to create 5-10 reusable assets and establish a Center of Excellence to ensure optimal use of their Pega solution. Failure to do so may suggest the need for a new implementation partner. Our team is well-equipped to assist you in achieving these best practices, and we understand the importance of creating compatible Pega applications across various platforms, including desktop and mobile.

Running out of budget for your projects can be a frustrating experience, and it is critical to the success of your business to plan and execute your projects effectively. To aid in this effort, we offer a GAP analysis or Pega’s budget template.

  • Utilise DCO as a core part of the delivery process to improve project quality.
  • Adopt an agile, iterative delivery model and break large programs into smaller, more manageable components.
  • Hold frequent show-and-tell sessions to gain user feedback and begin testing early in the project lifecycle.
  • Implement a multi-level governance process, including daily standup meetings, weekly project updates, and bi-weekly to monthly project governance reviews.
  • Ensure team members hold the appropriate certifications for their roles, and validate their credentials through Pega’s PDN.
  • Monitor compliance with Pega Guardrails and Alerts on a weekly basis to ensure compliance with best practices and optimal system performance.

Don’t let your current vendor hold you back from realizing the full potential of Pega. Talk to us today, and let us help you transform your business operations. We are dedicated to ensuring that you are getting the most out of your Pega solution and achieving the best possible results for your business.


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