Unlocking the Power of Pega Case Management: Streamlining Workflows and Driving Digital Transformation

Unlocking the Power of Pega Case Management for Enterprise Efficiency

At Charter Global, we assist businesses seeking to streamline their operations using Pega’s low-code platform for Case Management. Pega’s platform is flexible, agile and user-friendly, with robust capabilities that make it easy to automate and optimize processes.

Our team of professionals will work closely with you to understand your unique business needs and tailor solutions accordingly, whether you want to automate manual processes, optimize workflows, or improve team collaboration. Pega’s platform is also highly regarded for its use in sales force applications due to its easy-to-use interface, enabling swift development of UI, case management and CRM.

By leveraging Charter Global’s expertise and Pega’s intelligent capabilities, your business can significantly improve critical areas such as Case Management, User Experience, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

What is Pega Case Management?

Pega Case Management is a robust and comprehensive platform designed to help organizations automate, streamline, and optimize their business processes. It is built on the Pega Platform, which is a low-code, no-code application development platform that provides a unified development environment. The platform enables users to design, build, and deploys applications quickly and easily, making it highly customizable, extensible, and scalable.

Pega Case Management is an advanced business process management (BPM) solution that enables organizations to manage complex workflows and processes effectively. The platform provides a unified view of all relevant data, automates repetitive tasks, and streamlines communication and collaboration across teams and departments. With Pega Case Management, businesses can easily create, manage, and track cases, allowing them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their workflows and make informed decisions.

Benefits of Pega Case Management

Pega Case Management provides a range of benefits to organizations looking to streamline their workflows and processes.

  • Quicker Time to Market: Take your solution to the market in few weeks instead of yearlong development that led to analysis paralysis. Pega is 12x faster than traditional development.
  • Unique Value Proposition: Take your Minimum Loveable Product (MLP) to production in 90 days or less.
  • Several Prebuilt data models: Several pre-built data models are available OOTB and includes generic business workflows across industries.

What’s included in Pega BPM?

Pega BPM includes a range of industry-specific solutions and pre-built workflow templates to help organizations streamline process automation. It offers the following.

Workflow Automation

With Pega BPM, you can benefit from the following types of workflow automation:

  • Onboarding Relationships: Streamline workflows with new employees, vendors, and customers to lower your operation costs. It also helps build trust in your initial interactions.
  • Customer Servicing: Automate every step of customer service regardless of the channel customers use for engagement. Pega lets you use the right blend of systems, data, and people to deliver consistent outcomes resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
  • Operations:  Execute everyday business processes with utmost accuracy and speed. Process standardization further helps you improve employee and customer experience


Unlike traditional customer engagement tools that used batch campaigns and segmentation, Pega BPM brings real-time AI decisions to the table. Pega’s real-time decision engine interprets substantial data volumes in milliseconds, helping you find the next best plan of action for individual customers.

Case Management

Whether you need to make code upgrades or hotfixes, connect your back and front offices, or manage customer requests, Pega BPM’s case management capabilities make complex work management easier. You can use case management to:

  • Integrate natural language processing and AI into your inbound queries to detect customer intent and sentiment
  • Add bots to cases for updating existing systems or pulling data, owing to Pega’s robotic process automation feature
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and provide feedback within the case, avoiding communication gaps
  • Maintain documents/reporting performance for each case to minimize compliance risks and automate reporting

In a bots vs. human centric case management debate, the former is now the preferred option for most organizations. It’s about time you also jump on the bandwagon, and there’s no better way than Pega to see what bots can do for your business.

Business Rules

Pega’s Directly Capture Objectives (DCO) brings your business objectives to applications along with documents tying the app settings to your business goals. Since first-party customer data is available to you in real time, you can customize actionable processes per user type.

  • Configure vs. Custom Rules:  Pega lets you define business rules to execute decision strategies. You can configure the rules to fit your business requirements, including validation constraints and user-based decision criteria. Meanwhile, custom rule parameters can be set for each customer or customer type.
  • Define KPIs Early:  With customer data ready and available, you can define KPIs early in your campaigns. Use this information to tweak your efforts or perform A/B testing instead of relying on performance estimations.

Pega BPM allows you to access data across applications with flexible API services, connectors, and adaptors. You can get the most out of your data repository by combining it with 3rd party applications, external sources, and other enterprise systems. Pega can be a System of Record or Orchestrator or a BRM engine.


Pega BPM gives you access to statistics, such as performance metrics and customer data that you can use to measure your KPIs and goals. The extensive reporting further enables you to visualize the collected data and retrieve insights from it.


Security should be the last of your concerns when using Pega BPM. The platform has a secure and cohesive framework to safeguard your information from unauthorized and malicious agents. Features such as content security, virus checking, encryption, and confidentiality keep you safe from attacks that may compromise your availability and performance. With a shared responsibility model, Pega makes it easier to configure security.

Why Charter Global for Pega Projects?

At Charter Global, we have a team of professionals who can help you implement Pega into your organization. Our team provides by our customers for multiple decades, including:

  • Workflow Analysis: We analyze your current workflow and identify improvement areas. Then, we devise a tailored plan to optimize your workflows for desired results.
  • Implementation: Our Pega implementation services range from planning to execution.
  • Planning: We create a custom plan for Pega integration into your company to ensure successful adoption.
  • Technical Support: Our team has decades of experience implementing Pega solutions from Pega 5.2 to 8.8 and gives high quality deliverables & Competitive pricing in the market.
  • Training: With our team’s continuous support, you can train your staff on using the Pega system for organizational processes.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: We also offer ongoing maintenance and support to keep the system running smoothly.


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