Balancing Innovation and Security: Navigating the Landscape of Identity Management

About the Client

The client is an innovative startup company specializing in addressing specific challenges within the security domain. Their focus lies in developing products for User Access Reviews (UAR), Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), and Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) leveraging Cloud infrastructure and architecture. Despite having a clear vision to address key business problems in this niche area, the client lacked the necessary technical resources. Charter Global stepped in as a robust technology partner, taking charge of the ideation, design, development, deployment, and maintenance of these products. This collaboration allowed the client’s core team to concentrate on customer acquisition and engagement.

  • Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for various prominent SSO providers like Okta, Azure AD, etc.
  • Simplify data ingestion from diverse target systems without custom code requirements.
  • Ingest data from multiple sources, particularly from on-prem systems like AD or other legacy applications.
  • Prevent rubber stamping (bulk approval without individual review) in user access reviews, especially when dealing with large volumes of records.

  • The client successfully launched its SaaS products to over 100 paid customers within the first two years.
  • New customer onboarding was streamlined, achieving completion in just a few hours through a configuration-driven process.