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Georgia Transit Association

When MARTA needed help to build their new rider app with real-time location features and a hybrid platform, they turned to Charter Global in the transportation industry. Our team offers a full range of services to deliver end-to-end cloud technology and digital solutions, open source, mobility, eCommerce, and custom application development across multiple platforms.

We are dedicated to providing solutions that drive success, and our end-to-end approach covers everything from strategy to implementation. Our team has proven expertise in reducing time to market, project risk, and development costs in the transportation industry. With Charter Global, you will have the tools you need to take your transportation business to new heights and achieve your goals.

Why Charter Global?

  • Industry expertise
  • Expertise across multiple platforms
  • End-to-end lifecycle management services
  • Customized industry solutions
  • Staff augmentation with skilled IT resources
  • Web portal development
  • Increased operations efficiency and reduce expenses
  • Improved customer response times and satisfaction
Why Charter Global?

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