Dynamics 365 – Banking solution

About the Client

The client is one of 12 Federal Reserve Banks that combined with the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is responsible for formulating and implementing monetary policy, which influences the availability and cost of money and credit in order to help promote national economic goals. They also provide payment services to financial institutions and the U.S. government and supervise banking and other financial institutions.

Client’s prior CRM contained a managed solution no longer supported by their contracted support, NIT. In order to locally develop or customize, the client must migrate to a CRM instance with an unmanaged “Base” solution supported by NIT EUS. NIT EUS local user roles limited administrative and customization permissions. The current CRM data was out of date. The current subscription page needed a redesign parallel with CRM migration, development, and expansion.

Migrate client’s existing MS Dynamics CRM data into an online instance that allows for local solution development compliant with their contracted support, National IT (NIT). Develop local client CRM solutions, meeting each client department’s requirements in compliance with NIT EUS support. Integrate client CRM with Outlook email in compliance with NIT EUS support, and with their subscription webpage in order to store, manage, and update subscribers automatically.

Client successfully migrated from On-Premise to Online resulting in savings on Infrastructure maintenance. Migrated data after removing duplicates by Using Advanced Tools and ML algorithms. Integration with client’s external website (Portal) has helped to provide a single point of contact for any products and service updates. Consolidated and provided an enhanced Architecture for redundant entities.