Big Data Solution

Success Story - Telecommunications

About the Company

As a leading provider of wireless, Wi-Fi, high-speed internet, voice, and cloud-based services, this client’s business is all about delivering data reliably to its customers. The company leverages massive amounts of data to drive better business decisions and understand how its customers think, feel, and act.

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The Challenge

The company maintains a network that carries more than 1 million gigabytes of data daily and more than 1 billion gigabytes in storage, and its network had grown exponentially. As data demand increased, they realized they needed to implement a platform that would aggregate their siloed data, support data modeling, and make analyzing complex data easier.

The Solution

Storage was moved to a Vertica (HP) database. Repeatable feeds and new software applications were developed to populate the new feeds. This enhanced the ability to subscribe to big data feeds. Charter Global also integrated CDR/DDR data from the client’s Teradata platform to the new Big Data platform, reducing the cost of hardware and licensing.


The client was able to capture and mine data on location, as well as activity and customer behavior. The company used this data to make more effective strategic business decisions. With the implementation of a Big Data solution and continuous improvement processes, the client was able to cut costs and innovate faster to improve the customer experience on a daily basis.