Loyalty Platform Development

About the Client

Cartera provides marketing solutions that increase revenue and build consumer engagement for merchants, banks, issuers, and loyalty programs.  It’s loyalty platform delivers card-linked offers via multiple digital marketing channels including websites, online banking, email, mobile, social media, and browser apps.

Data migration had proven to be a massive undertaking, with a recent migration exercise involving 100’s of millions of records. What’s more, such migration efforts are expected to be completed within a small amount of time to avoid financial implications. With a large pipeline of banks and loyalty programs lined up for onboarding, Cartera’s challenge was to significantly reduce the turn around time for on-boarding.

Charter Global developed, designed and implemented a “Bulk Loader” tool, capable of migrating billions of records into the new loyalty platform within minutes. Custom-made parser modules were also integrated in order to read multiple enrollment and transaction file formats; including files designed specifically for processing reward points. The robust design of the loyalty engine also supports complex and novel loyalty offer types (i.e. frequency-based offers, daily offers, and tiered offers).

Thoughtful development work was employed, with a focus on the nature of incoming data file formats along with parser configuration used to map client-specific files to Transaction Neutral File (TNF) format. The bulk loader process proved instrumental, successfully on-boarding the biggest loyalty programs in record turn around time. In addition, profitability has also increased with each new feature implemented in the overall design.