SharePoint & Office 365 Automation

Success Story - Specialty Chemical Company

About the Company

The client operates manufacturing facilities in 17 countries and has global sales and manufacturing networks. They provide specialty chemicals for transportation, industrial, and consumer markets in more than 100 countries. Its products include additives for engine oils and transportation related fuels, as well as industrial lubricants and additives used in pharmaceuticals and personal care products.

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The Challenge

The company’s broad geographical reach can cause productivity challenges. They implemented SharePoint, but could not keep up with demand to create SharePoint sites for each of its business segments. They needed specialized Microsoft SharePoint developers to augment its IT team and lead automation of its SharePoint site provisioning. It also needed guidance on best practice industry tools and processes for implementing, enhancing, and quality testing.

The Solution

Charter Global brought in a team of consultants and developers skilled in Microsoft SharePoint Client Side Object Model (CSOM) and PowerShell with SharePoint for Microsoft Office 365. The team built a SharePoint site provisioning automation tool in-house. The team worked with business analysts on new enhancements and design change requirements. The consultants also designed and developed the site-specific architecture patterns and governance rules for the client’s SharePoint site. They coded PowerShell scripts and CSOM to automate SharePoint site provisioning in Office 365 using XML Schema.


Automation of the SharePoint provisioning site using Office 365 significantly improved productivity. The project resulted in a savings of 6,000 labor hours for users and for the client’s IS development team. Building the provisioning tool in-house enabled the client to accomplish its business goals without incurring additional expense of a third-party tool. With the new technology improvements implemented by Charter Global, the client could focus on optimizing its business without overwhelming its IT organization.