7 Ways for Enhancing Customer Experience in Transportation

Author: Charter Global
Published: March 12, 2021

A major transportation company in the US was looking for a way to improve its customer loyalty and better monitor and manage its fleet vehicles by enhancing its mobile application. Charter Global implemented the following seven features to enhance its mobile application:

  1. Routes information
  2. Live Tracking
  3. Instant Alerts- PN
  4. Smart Card
  5. Trip Plan
  6. Nearby business information
  7. Connect with Social media

1. Route Information – Improved their customers’ ability to determine availability and selection of the proper vehicle

  • Access to available vehicle routes
  • Search and sort the capability of routes
  • Interactive map
  • Locate stops/stations on the map
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Live Tracking of vehicles
  • Connecting transit information
  • Add (or) save your favorite route or station
  • Station/Stop wise parking availability information

2. Live Tracking – Provided their customer to get accurate real-time data

  • Real-time accurate data using GPS
  • Arrival time of vehicles
  • Estimated time to destination
  • Admin can track the vehicles and push the right information to the users like traffic congestion

3. Instant Alerts- PN – Provided customer engagement through the use of instant alerts

  • Real-time vehicle alerts using Push Notifications
  • Payment confirmation messages to users via email/SMS
  • Sending the promotion/offer updates
  • Alert the users when the destination is nearby.
  • Trip fare details

4. Smart Card – Integrated a secure payment gateway with PayPal/Stripe

  • Recharge your smart card
  • Secure payment gateway with PayPal, Stripe, and other popular services
  • View your smart card balance
  • Make your payment hassle-free using a smart card with no bank redirection issues

5. Trip Plan – Provided an easier way to make a plan

  • Auto-suggested address fields for easy selection of your source and destination
  • Multiple route options for your trip
  • Step-by-step transit options for the opted route
  • Guided Navigation from your current location to the destination
  • Re-routing based on your current location

6. Nearby Business Information – Captured customer’s current location using GPS to show them nearby businesses

  • Nearby business list using Google API
  • Location of business on the map
  • Address of the business
  • Guided Navigation from your location to the business location
  • Avail Coupons
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Barcode Integration for redeeming coupons
  • Location-based business Ads

7. Connect with Social media – Engaged the customers and their network with social media

  • Enable the ability to share trip details with your friend and family on the social network
  • Write a review of the trip
  • Post or tweet your trip on the social network
  • Share your train/bus/metro information and their schedules on social media

With these new features added to its mobile application, this transportation company was able to increase its customer base and loyalty by 25%.

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