Access with Automated Eligibility Management Tool Implementation

About the Client

In 2020, Charter Global undertook a transformative project for a transportation services provider. The client faced a challenge with manual processing of eligibility applications for riders requiring door-to-door transportation. This case study highlights the innovative solution implemented by Charter Global, introducing an automated Eligibility Management Tool (EMT) to streamline the process.

The client encountered a substantial influx of paper-based applications from riders unable to use fixed route transit systems regularly. Agency users manually assessed eligibility, leading to inefficiencies, delays, and a lack of scalability. The goal was to create an automated system that digitized application submissions, assessment processes, and approvals. Similarly, it was assessed that each customer required a different workflow.

The implementation of the EMT revolutionized the client's eligibility determination process. The automated system streamlined application submissions, assessment workflows, and approvals, significantly reducing manual intervention. It offered customer users a seamless online experience while empowering agency users with advanced filtering and management capabilities.

The project was designed and executed within a tight 20-week timeframe, employing an agile methodology. This involved sprint-based development, a meticulously structured product backlog, and features/requirements into epics and stories. Continuous engagement with the client through demos ensured alignment with expectations.