DevOps & Microservices

Streamline your software development and delivery process.

Evolve naturally and continuously with unified business, development, and operations teams.

DevOps and Microservices have emerged as the top drivers of efficiency in enterprise development stacks. A combination of the two has enabled organizations to build, test, and deploy in rapid cycles and roll out features and value-adding capabilities continuously.

While many DevOps adopters traditionally started with monolithic applications, they quickly realized that decomposed services made DevOps drastically easier. The microservices architecture, where components that usually handle single business capability are loosely coupled, drives up release velocity significantly when used in the DevOps backdrop. While DevOps breaks down the silos that delineate development, QA, and operations teams, microservices offer better agility, scalability, reliability, and modifiability through composability.

DevOps and microservices underpin some of today’s most successful digital native brands, helping them deliver superior quality software at speed. They have shrunk the time to market while demolishing the vertically-scaled points of failure that could result in catastrophic service outages. With Charter Global’s expertise – distribute and diminish risk, increase speed, decouple scalability among functions, and fine-tune customer experiences.


Nothing says modernization like DevOps practices of continuous delivery, automated testing, and continuous integration. At Charter Global, we provide the consultation and mentoring necessary to take on DevOps practices in your internal development processes.


While continuous integration is already somewhat well-practiced, the introduction of containers has added new considerations to the application development process. You can incorporate small code changes instead of dealing with larger chunks with continuous integration and development. CI/CD also keeps your code ready for an update, ultimately reducing the time to market. At Charter Global, we help you integrate CI/CD into your application development process so that you can enjoy the following:

  • Better communication and collaboration.
  • Higher software quality.
  • Faster time-to-market.
  • Higher development efficiency.
  • Continuous delivery and deployment.


We help you harness the architectural style of Microservices. Instead of working with one large service, why not decouple it into smaller API-connected services? Each of these services will help drive a specific business capability. Even better, you can deploy and scale them individually.

We provide Microservices solutions for:

  • Digital commerce platforms (product catalogs, order fulfillment, inventory management, payment processing).
  • Content management systems, with Microservices handling delivery, storage, and content calendars.
  • Healthcare applications with modules for appointment scheduling, electronic health records, telemedicine, and patient management.
  • Collaboration tools with Microservices like task management, video conferencing, file sharing, and more.
  • IoT applications, including Microservices like real-time analytics & device management.


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