Continuous Delivery

About the Client

The company partners with utilities and home service providers to provide a convenient single source for establishing or transferring household services. With over 50 million households and more than 20 million annual consumer touchpoints, the company acquires customers, increases revenue, and generates high customer satisfaction for its partners.

The company’s multi-channel platform was built to handle complex products and services to perform optimally and meet growing demand. They needed a partner to help take their growing services integrator and delivery system to the next level to respond more quickly to consumer needs. The platform needed a new SDLC to push projects efficiently, and they needed to reduce risk and increase capacity and scale in order to improve satisfaction.

Charter Global developed and implemented a Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration (CD/ CI) toolset and a data exchange application to expand the client’s platform capabilities. The toolset enabled the delivery team to plan, schedule, and control the progress of releases from test and live environments seamlessly. In order to succeed with CD/CI, they adopted open-source tools recommended by Charter Global. These tools are critical for detecting code changes and triggering a set of tasks as part of an effective process. The data exchange app gives the client the ability to share customer data simultaneously with utility partners when the customer’s phone call is forwarded to the call center. Data captured from the utility partners are made available to the UI applications (Concert and Accord) through web services.

The company is now seamlessly deploying features into production daily as a result of the implementation of a Continuous Delivery process. The transition from staged releases to Continuous Delivery took roughly six months. Charter Global also implemented a data exchange application which gave them the ability to share customer data simultaneously with utility partners. The project has had a positive impact on the company’s ability to respond quickly to consumer needs and has also improved employee satisfaction. A Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration (CD/CI) toolset was developed for their sales team, a SOA platform in the AWS cloud, and a data exchange application implemented to expand their platform capabilities. After implementing the new processes, the company experienced a more homogenous product development and deployment process.