Continuous/Smart payroll system for a large payroll processing company

About the Client

The client is a large enterprise that had an existing payroll system in place, but over time, they faced challenges in managing their payroll processes. The system required manual intervention, which led to errors and discrepancies. The client approached Charter Global to help modernize their payroll process, improve data visualization, & reduce human interaction. Charter Global proposed a Continuous/Smart Payroll System & a Cloud Migration plan to enhance the client’s payroll processing capabilities.

Charter Global designed & developed a Continuous/Smart Payroll System that leveraged the latest technologies to automate the payroll process. The Continuous/Smart Payroll system captured employee information and transaction data in real-time, identified errors, and mismatches, and reported them to the user. The system allowed the user to fix the data discrepancies and mismatches even before transmitting the payroll to the Payment Engine. The key features of the Smart/Real-Time Payroll system included automatic data transfer to the Payment Engine based on changes, error resolution, auto-resolution of errors that didn't need data validation, mini-preview of payment breakdown, and employee reports even before calculating the payroll, and real-time file transfer. Charter Global also helped the client migrate their existing on-premises payroll services to the cloud. The migration plan involved identifying and migrating services to the public cloud, which provided the flexibility of efficient resource expansion, faster deployment times, reduced infrastructure complexity, improved monitoring systems, high availability of systems, automatic backup, and logging key metrics.

The Continuous/Smart Payroll System and Cloud Migration plan helped the client streamline their payroll processing and significantly reduce manual intervention. The Smart/Real-Time Payroll System identified errors and discrepancies, allowing the user to fix them before transmitting the payroll to the Payment Engine. The Cloud Migration plan helped the client expand their resources, improve their infrastructure, and increase system availability. The system's automation and cloud migration resulted in faster deployment times and improved monitoring systems, reducing the client's payroll processing time.