Ecommerce Solution

About the Client

The client is a global leader in fleet and mobile resource management. They help organizations increase efficiency, safety and accountability. The company’s billing platform allows for billing by subscription, pre-paid services, and pay-per-use services in real-time or batch mode.

The company used an agent ordering interface to process customer orders, but it lacked a customer-facing website. The marketing team also needed an online presence, a content management system, and an ordering system that would serve as a proactive marketing tool to segment and reach customers more effectively.

Charter Global built a self-service tool with Magnolia CMS, an open-source, Java-based web content management system, along with the Konakart e-commerce system. With Magnolia CMS the marketing team could build pages, create order flow, and author content. The team also developed and deployed a PURL microsite that would send recipients to a personalized landing page or microsite with customized content.

With the ability to manage product catalogs, descriptions, pricing and more, the marketing team could offer bundled products to increase customer subscription and revenue. The Magnolia CSM’s 4-eye workflow allowed the team to approve and publish changes to the microsite content in real-time. And the data collected in the analytics tool provided details on customer trends, which was used to improve their marketing strategy.