Insurance Software Development

Global Insurance Provider

About the Company

Our client is a global provider of risk management products and services headquartered in NYC. Their businesses provide a diverse set of specialty and niche-market insurance products in the property, casualty, extended device protection, and pre-need insurance sectors. The company’s three operating segments are Global Housing, Global Lifestyle, and Global Pre-Need (funeral & memorial planning insurance).

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The Challenge

Client has previously implemented Salesforce (SFDC) as the CRM tool. However, the usage of the
system across various business units is very minimal and has a high maintenance cost. This project
will help senior management determine to continue with SFDC implementation to derive the desired benefits, investigate an alternative solution, or opt not to implement a new solution. To overcome the existing business challenge, there was a need to understand and document business processes and support technology along different business units to provide a unified system for the management of customer onboarding, sales tracking, marketing strategies, product development,
reporting, and training activities.

The Solution

The primary goal of the project was to provide a one point solution for managing client relationships and lead generation. By simplifying the client provisioning process and providing a central point of management, the solution will enable the organization to provide enhanced client management, and streamlined inventory management (collection of documents, artifacts, reports, etc. as applicable). and
business intelligence within a unified information technology environment


The client was able to increase their relationship cycle with customers by 30%. Gave a complete 360 Degree view of all their B2B opportunities. Online Integration with SharePoint helped the Client move away from using a shared drive location. Removed dependency on VPN and intranet network, and gave flexibility for the sales team to access the system on the go.