Microsoft Office 365 & Azure

About the Client

This global cosmetics company produces beauty care products. The company’s R&D team also conducts clinical studies for women with advanced illness in the Women’s Cancer Research Program.

The R&D team uses SharePoint, CRM, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word extensively, and they required anytime, anywhere access to their data files that would enable them to develop innovations in clinical treatments including cancer.

The client engaged Charter Global to develop a Microsoft-based strategy to increase productivity for the company’s R&D teams. The consulting team worked closely with the company’s team to deliver Microsoft Office 365 and Azure business productivity tools.

The Charter Global team built an agile, flexible, and collaborative technical ecosystem for the client’s teams and partners which helped to accelerate innovation in research and development. Office 365 improved their productivity, enabling and ensuring access to their data no matter where they were working or what devices they were using.