SharePoint Solution

About the Client

The client has nearly 8,000 employees and serves more than five million metered customers across several U.S. markets. They provide electric transmission and distribution, natural gas distribution, and energy services operations.

The client started applying standardization and branding to its SharePoint sites but found the process of updating hundreds of sites to be time-consuming and challenging logistically.

Charter Global identified a specialized consultant who applied SharePoint 2013 coding standards and best practices to the client’s custom code and modules. Two application utilities were developed to manage SharePoint site updates, which included adjusting each site to read-only format and adding important notifications. Hundreds of sites was completed in minutes rather than hours. Highly configurable and dynamic site definitions were created with preloaded lists and web parts that can be configured to create personalized sites customized for functional teams. In addition, branding standards were applied across the system which contributed to increased SharePoint adoption by users.

The implementation of SharePoint 2013 coding standards and best practices resulted in a 20 percent improvement in the client’s SharePoint site and page performance. It optimized performance, maintenance, and compatibility of the code. In addition, the client realized measureable savings in labor hours. Finally, the benefits of branding and standardization, particularly with the creation of highly configurable and dynamic site definitions, will continue to have a positive impact on future development.