Skilled IT Project Resources

About the Client

The client provides electronic payment services to financial institutions in more than 80 countries. Their technology makes payments easier, faster and more secure.

The client needed a robust technology platform that could process close to 10 million credit card transactions daily and accurately compute rewards points for its loyalty program members. It lacked the necessary IT staffing resources to develop the metadata configuration needed to address the high-volume requirements of its rewards program.

Charter Global assembled a team of infrastructure architects, Linux administrators, SQL server database administrators, network security engineers, project managers, and developers to solve the client’s complex transaction challenges. The Charter Global team developed an infrastructure architecture that connected back-end and front-end infrastructure within Red Hat Linux, Windows infrastructure, and Cisco.

The client was able to implement its loyalty engine, points bank, redemption, and web services framework for multiple customer organizations. The project successfully improved its front-end services platform for an improved customer experience.