Transforming Regulatory and Compliance Workflow for a Pharmaceutical Giant

About the Client

A pharmaceutical company specializing in cancer and immunology drugs aimed to streamline regulatory compliance, enhance user experience and reduce operational costs. Charter Global built a Pega-based solution, ensuring FDA compliance, providing an intuitive user interface for prescribers, patients and pharmacists. This scalable solution resulted in an impressive 500% increase in operational efficiency, spanning 30+ countries. Charter Global’s architectural transformation and expertise in Pega were pivotal in achieving these milestones.

  • Avoid regulatory penalties for non-compliance with patient safety.
  • Lack of intuitive user experience for prescribers, patients, and pharmacists.
  • Inability to track critical business processes and status of patient surveys.
  • Channel specific user behavior causes systemic issues across the board.

  • Rich customer experience.
  • Seamless adoption of the solution by 5 countries in year 1, and 15 countries in Year 2 and 10 countries in year 3.
  • Operational efficiency increased by 500%.