DevOps & Microservices

Improve IT team collaboration and ensure smooth delivery.

Reduce cycle time while increasing quality and stability.

Improve collaboration between development and operations teams with shared access and insight into the development cycle. Charter Global provides skilled resources, tools, and guidance in implementing DevOps processes and Microservices architecture.

Best Tools and Best Practices

We evaluate your current process to determine areas for improvement and to establish a benchmark. Our experienced team offers insight for best practices to improve production with a reliable, secure, and high performance product output.

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This reliable process with automated tasks creates a healthy and sustainable high performing production environment. Our team has applied DevOps processes in small and mid-size IT teams, as well as in enterprise environments.

Success Stories

Microservices are designed as functional elements for DevOps that can be deployed and updated independently, reducing complexity and increasing scalability. Because of its focus, a microservice has limited codebase and reduced maintenance.

Why Charter Global?

Our people are skilled in tools such as Jenkins, Git, and Docker, as well as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms. Leverage our cloud experience to control costs.

Reduce complexity and increase scalability

Store and correlate data from different applications and devices

A consistent environment from development to production

Cloud-based management tools simplify access and analysis real-time

Identify and diagnose issues quickly

Flexible analytics and application performance monitoring practices

Track transactions from customer interaction to the IT infrastructure

Product tested through every step of production