Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) engine.
Microsoft Dynamics 365

We Can Work with All Lending Institutions, Providing Integration Between Their CRM Systems and Their Loan Servicing Software Platforms.

Our goal is to provide all lending institutions, even the ones located in rural areas, with the best, most current services available in high-technological hubs.

Loan Officers, Customer Service Reps, VP’s of Loan Products use our services

VP’s of Business Line, Development select our services

Managers, Data Development Managers, Q&A Development Managers, Product Development Managers appreciate the return on investment for our services

It’s crucial for you to be are able to properly communicate with current, potential clients and investors. If you need to integrate stand-alone CRM platform with loan servicing software platforms:

Microsoft D365/ CRM

LoanServe, Calyx/Point, Floify, ComplianceOne, Encompass

UNLIKE other software solution providers, we successfully maintain multiple instances at the same time.  Quality deployment & management of the complex wholesale bank to affiliated lending cooperatives system.

Replicating & moving from one system to the other systems.
High return on your investment with reasonable resource costs.
Our resources are our employees, whether here in the US or globally.

We provide you all this, thanks to our EXPERIENCE & CONFIDENCE.

This comes only from seeing and doing. If you have not worked in previous CRM-to-Loan Servicing Platform implementations … you will not have the confidence to successfully complete the job. Because of our experiences moving / migrating systems, we have the advantage over other partners.

We link Your CRM Systems with Your Loan Servicing Platforms So Your Data Will Process Smoothly Between CRM and Loan Mortgage Systems

We fully understand the challenges impacting your business. We earn the trust of our clients by providing an optimum solution, and successfully migrating their systems:

Analyses of requirements, capture & give inputs to business requirement

Mapping/design between the CRM system and the loan servicing system

Successful migration from on premise, to start a clean slate in the cloud: How much time; how much data; additional workflow/ attributes; analysis of existing systems

Taking charge of risk assessment phase/ taking charge of moving system instances

Moving service systems; migrating systems

Connecting data between your CRM and loan servicing software instances enables you to:

Serve your customer needs faster

Understand your customer

Be more productive when processing loans

Process data between one or multiple instances CRM and Loan Servicing Software platforms, at the same time

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