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Go mobile with your JD Edwards solutions.

Charter Global is the only Oracle partner that offers out-of-the-box, customizable mobile apps. The Charter Global JD Edwards app market currently includes nearly 50 business process focused apps, with more being launched weekly.

JDE Apps List
Ask about our discounts – As low as $1.99 per day per user, including support.

FAQ – What you need to know to get started

Do you offer a starter pack to try an app?

Yes. We offer a starter pack for each app.

What is the license term for the apps, and can I add more users to a particular App?

The license is renewable one year after go-live, and yes, you can add more users to any app in groups of 10.

Do you offer enterprise licensing?

Yes. Enterprise licensing is available for an unlimited number of users. Contact us for information.

What is pricing for the apps and do you offer discounts?

You may qualify for as low as $1.99 per day per user depending on number of users. Pricing includes support. And yes, we offer 3 models of discounts: silver (1 app), gold (3 apps), platinum (5 apps). Discount level is based on number of users and length of contract. Pricing is guaranteed for the term of your subscription. Contact us for details.

Are all the apps priced the same?

No. Our Security and Risk Monitor App for CNC and audit functions have a fixed price. Certain setup apps are priced as low as $0.50 per day per user.

Can I purchase the apps outright?

Yes. Certain restrictions apply. Contact us for information.

How long does the implementation of the apps take?

If you have your AIS server already implemented, and if you don’t require customization, the implementation of an app should take 1-2 weeks. Our experienced consultants work with you for a successful implementation.

Can you customize the apps based on our business needs?

Yes. We can customize the apps to your requirements, because we own the original code lines for all the apps.

Which technology stack do you use to build the apps?

We use Oracle Mobile Cloud service and Oracle Mobile Application framework for building the apps.

What is the guaranteed uptime for Oracle cloud hosting delivery?

Refer to the Oracle SLA for details.