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DevOps & Microservices

Improve team collaboration
and ensure smooth delivery.

DevOps teams simplify their production environment with
Agile and Microservices architecture.

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DevOps empowers developer by improving collaboration in the development process. A reliable process with automated tasks creates a healthy production environment.


Microservices architecture closely aligned with DevOps production, microservices are designed as functional elements or individual services that can be deployed independently reducing complexity and increasing scalability. Apply the best technology for its intended use.


  • Leverage cloud architecture to control costs
  • Reduced complexity and increased scalability
  • Development and operations teams share access and insight in the development cycle
  • Store and correlate data from different applications and devices
  • Provides a consistent environment from development to production
  • Cloud-based management tools simplify access and analysis updated in real-time
  • Identify and diagnose issues quickly
  • Flexible analytics and application performance monitoring practices
  • Track transactions from customer interaction to the IT infrastructure
  • Each microservice can be updated and deployed independently
  • A microservice has a single focus, resulting in a small codebase and reduced maintenance