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The success of your company relies on technology that will deliver speed, security, reliability, compliance, and the personalized services that customers expect. Partner with Charter Global to modernize and streamline systems, harness insights from data through AI, and improve efficiency, all while delivering an improved customer experience.

Navigating Challenges in the Financial Industry: A Closer Look

Key Challenges
  • Complex Infrastructure and Scalability: Financial institutions often struggle with managing complex and costly infrastructure, making it difficult to scale operations efficiently.
  • Data Overload and Information Management: The financial sector faces an overwhelming influx of data from multiple sources; extracting meaningful insights and managing information is more challenging.
  • Customer Engagement and Relationship Management: Developing strong customer relationships and delivering personalized experiences are vital for success in the financial industry.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Developing strong customer relationships and delivering personalized experiences are crucial for success in the financial industry.

Financial Excellence: Solutions Offered by Charter Global


Microsoft Azure and AWS, leading cloud platforms, offer scalable infrastructure solutions that enable financial firms to increase or downsize their resources flexibly. Charter Global, with its cloud migration and optimization expertise, assists financial institutions in seamlessly transitioning to AZURE or AWS. This ensures improved scalability, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency.

Data & Information Management

Microsoft Power BI and SQL are powerful tools that address these challenges. Charter Global Services provides expertise in implementing and optimizing Power BI and SQL solutions, empowering financial firms to derive actionable insights, make data-driven decisions, and enhance operational performance.


Microsoft Dynamics 365, a comprehensive CRM and ERP solution, empowers financial institutions to manage customer interactions effectively, automate sales processes, and enhance customer service. Charter Global Services specializes in implementing Dynamics 365, tailoring it to the unique needs of financial organizations, and seamlessly integrating it with existing systems. This ensures streamlined operations, improved customer engagement, and increased customer satisfaction.

Regulatory Compliance and Relationship Management

Microsoft Azure and AWS provide robust security features and compliance certifications, ensuring data protection and regulatory compliance. Charter Global assists financial organizations in implementing and maintaining secure infrastructure, leveraging Microsoft technologies, and adopting best practices. This ensures adherence to regulatory standards and minimizes the risk of data breaches.

Expert Scalable Teams with Financial Industry Experience

We provide top performing product development teams. From fully managed delivery teams to individual experts, we seamlessly deliver custom end- to-end technology solutions. We have the experts and the credentials that have allowed us to partner with leading financial services companies for their custom development services. Our center of excellence teams are comprised of product strategists, product managers, architects, UI / UX designers, developers, DevOPs engineers, QA specialists and certified MS solution experts.

Charter Global’s Microsoft Solutions for the Financial Industry

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Why Charter Global

  • We assist clients in utilizing Microsoft Technologies to produce desired results while optimizing value.
  • We help you leverage Microsoft technologies such as Azure, AWS, Power BI, Dynamics 365, and SQL, to establish a competitive advantage.
  • We take a comprehensive and unbiased approach to understanding how technology impacts every facet of your company, including strategy, operations, people, and other areas, to mention a few.
  • We tailor expert teams with the necessary skills to define, implement, and scale solutions—from professional services to digital transformation—using end-to-end services, cutting-edge practices, and international talent.


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