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Optimize your business processes and improve efficiency with Pega Services.

Pega Services Offered by Charter Global

Pega Implementation

Our Pega implementation services include the following:

  • Pega BPM
  • Case management
  • Pega decisioning
  • Pega’s platform

Through Pega implementation, we help you streamline the following:

  • Workforce intelligence
  • Sales automation
  • Field service
  • Care management
  • Smart dispute
  • Claims automation
  • Client lifecycle management
  • Customer service
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
Digital Transformation Opportunity Identification

Think of Charter Global as your advisory in all matters related to Pega-led digital transformation. Our experts help you identify, understand, and resolve challenges like:

  • High operational costs and poor business delegation
  • Inconsistent customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Manual, error-prone processes
  • Poor customer service
  • High training costs
  • Inefficient business processes
  • Ineffective reporting and analytics
  • Lack of automation in business processes
Pega Governance Creation

Most customers who use Pega for the first time need help understanding the value proposition it brings. They often need to figure out what they can and cannot do with Pega.
Our team at Charter Global guides you in creating a governance plan that will help you:

  • Identify your pain points that Pega can address
  • Understand your project scope and how you can leverage Pega best for it
  • Set clear expectations from the platform
  • Establish a reporting and analytics system
  • Maintain high compliance standards
  • Monitor performance to ensure every department gets the most out of Pega.
  • Achieve beneficial integrations with other business systems.
Pega Live Data

Pega’s Live Data feature integrates your organization’s process data and consolidates it into a simple format you can easily understand and present. At Charter Global, we help you maximize the use of this feature to:

  • Improve data management without putting the load on external applications
  • Simplify data analysis and produce reports quickly
  • Integrate different system processes with Pega for improved performance
Business Process Adjustment

Pega BPM has a built-in feature called the Situational Layer Cake, which lets you adjust business processes as your products, languages, customer types, geographies, channels, or departments change.

At Charter Global, we understand the confusion of making so many changes simultaneously. With our team’s assistance, you can continue your business involvement in the new process while we work in the background to ensure it functions correctly.

Pega Pulse

Pega Pulse is the social collaboration side of Pega BPM. It allows users to collaborate through social interactions and comments. Users can see work history and post their comments and attachments with tags and mentions to the feed.

Our Charter Global experts will help you configure and set up Pega Pulse so that you can use it in day-to-day operations. It includes setting roles, permissions, access, and more. With Pega Pulse, you can foster teamwork among:

  • Product managers and customer service teams to resolve customer queries
  • Account executives and marketing teams to coordinate customers’ campaigns
  • Designers and developers for upgrade planning and resolving usability issues
  • Architects, analysts, and IT teams to track progress and coordinate tasks
Pega Updates

Keeping up with Pega’s updates gives you access to new features, security fixes, and performance improvements. Our experts keep track of the latest updates, helping you quickly test and deploy new features to ensure you’re always up-to-date with the platform’s latest offerings.

Industries We Serve

Pega BPM can transform work processes and utilization of resource skillsets in a wide range of industries. We help with the following:

  • Energy & Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Finance & Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Telecom & Media
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Travel & Hospitality

Since our team is well-versed in Pega BPM use, our implementation and advisory services will meet the needs of your industry and business landscape.


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