Business Intelligence

About the Client

This leading provider of smart home technology offers home security, energy management, home automation, local cloud storage, and high-speed internet solutions. The company has installed more than 10 million smart home devices.

The client developed a system that automatically controls temperature based on data from sensors. The challenge was to create a unique algorithm for the home environment that would improve the quality of data and how the system functioned.

A team of data scientists, data analysts, and an open-source R developer engaged by Charter Global developed predictive algorithms using sensory data, security alarm settings, and HVAC controls. The data was integrated with the HVAC system using real-time, machine-to-machine communications, enabling the system to adjust temperatures accordingly.

The system adapts to the data it receives and effectively becomes a “learning” home automation system. Applying the data effectively enables the system to recognize the occupants’ patterns of activity, so it can make system adjustments for maximum energy efficiency and cost savings.