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ADP Payroll System

About the Client

The client is a global leader in simplifying work processes and shaping the future of business solutions. With cloud-based HCM solutions, including HR, payroll, talent, time, tax, and benefits, client’s empowers organizations with strategic advantages. Leveraging deep insights, cutting-edge technology, and 70 years of experience, client’s transforms HR from administrative tasks to a vital business function.

The original solution utilized cutting-edge technologies available at the time. However, customer feedback and process changes necessitated a significant overhaul. The previous system's localized infrastructure limited expansion for new clients. The client required an integration to receive Plan and Participant data and daily transactions at specific times. However, the client's data formats followed legacy standards, posing a conversion challenge. The client's goal was to facilitate smooth transition across platforms while partnering with a premier financial advice vendor for advisory services.

Charter Global leveraged its expertise in workflow redesign, incorporating customer feedback and innovative ideas to enhance data visualization and minimize human interactions. The goal was to empower users with intuitive control over payroll while streamlining system-driven activities. They aided the client in migrating to a public cloud, created Corn Jobs for data transmission, and facilitated smooth integration. New APIs were created, evaluation processes were initiated, and confirmation feedback was processed. Charter Global introduced a corn job for dynamic vendor service management and implemented data validation using DB scripts, ensuring database integrity and accuracy. Changes were made to assign services and menu resources unconditionally or based on existing services.