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Big Data: Big Questions, Big Answers

When people think Big Data, they think Big Questions and Big Answers. But not every piece of data has to big, it’s more about questions and answers that range from small to medium to HUGE in: business, entertainment, politics, government, law, health, travel, genetics, biology, defense, history, friendship, social communications,…

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Big Data Webinar Abstract

This is a webinar on true analytics and for those who communicate in a Business-IT Eco-System. The topic will be of great benefit to IT personnel responsible for real-time information gathering BEFORE utilizing predictive analytics.   In 1977, John Tukey (coined the term ‘bit’ from binary digit, in the 50’s!…

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True Analytics as Seen by John Tukey & Benjamin Bloom

So who is John Tukey and who is Benjamin Bloom? They are two guys who know what “analytics” truly is, and, is not. Tukey is famous for the signal processing technique called the Fast Fourier Transform and the (original) Box Plot used in Statistics. The box plot idea was described…

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Big Data Analytics: Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive

What differentiates these 3 types of analytics?   Sole use of the term “Big Data” when describing analytics can be misleading. I see “Big Data” as collected raw material. That raw material isn’t always a huge amount of data from a single source, but can be many different data sets…

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Big Data From the Machine’s Own Audio/Visual Perspective

This is the third and final installment of our Big Data blog series focusing on audio and visual portrayals of information. To quickly sum up, the first two focused on how humans communicate Big Data through the eyes of a business technology Eco- system. The first blog and second blog spoke to a formal…

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The Big Data Eco-System and Better Visualization

This is the second blog of a three part blog series on Big Data Eco-systems. As a quick refresher, last week we connected business-technology domains through a hierarchical set of business terms along with a series of visualizations representing a 24 hour stream of continuous sensor data.   This week’s example, “The…

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Big Data Delivers

Big Data has been said by some to be over-hyped. Not the case though, Big Data is starting to deliver major solutions for businesses and I have seen the investment payoff for several clients.   For a quick example, one of the Fortune 100 clients we work with started a…

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Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and your Smart Phone

There is a reason that Google and Yahoo were some of the earliest users of Big Data: they needed it the most to sift through the massive quantities of consumer data in order to make advertising dollars. Without Big Data, the search engines could not configure their algorithms for posting…

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Cloud Computing: Fulfilling IT Resources to Meet Business Needs

All IT career roads will lead to the Cloud. Have you mapped your path?   Cloud computing is rapidly growing and evolving in importance for organizations. Driven by the need to get real insights from data and by the transfer of infrastructure, applications, and data to the cloud, decreasing investments…

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