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Automate your Application testing using Selenium

Selenium, an automation tool, has been a top choice among developers for some time – and for good reason. The platform is incredibly flexible, functional, and is able to support a variety of browsers compared to other options.   What is Selenium?   Selenium is a suite of programs to…

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How to Leverage RPA to Improve Your Back Office?

Back office operations include a range of functions like accounting, IT, HR, data management, and much more. Charter Global frequently works with clients seeking a more streamlined back-office with Robotic Process Automations in order to improve overall efficiency.   What tasks are able to be automated?   If an assignment…

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How to Get Started with RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a new and exciting concept that allows a business to create bots for repetitive tasks quickly and easily while integrating within their current IT technology infrastructure.   What is RPA?   Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is software that executes repetitive rule-based processes. It allows employees…

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What is Robotic Process Automation and How Does it Work?

In search for ways to increase efficiencies and reduce costs, businesses are seeking more ways to automate. Incorporating automation into different aspects of an organization’s processes can allow a business to diagnose issues quicker, reduce complexities, and scale easier. Although we’ve seen an expanding demand for all types of automation,…

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What is RPA?