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How Can SharePoint Enhance Your Business?

The SharePoint platform is being used by over 190 million users in 200,000 organizations. For many industries, SharePoint enables companies to automate workflows, empower teams, and create team websites in the cloud. The system allows data and information to be stored, shared, and accessed remotely by anyone who is granted…

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CRM with Microsoft Dynamics 365

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is important for any business. CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 are a way for company leaders to better analyze, track, and manage customer information and trends to give a higher quality experience for the end-user. Being able to use a CRM system allows for…

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3 Ways to Integrate the Cloud Computing into your Business

Designing hybrid cloud environments and their implementation strategies are top-priorities when adopting enterprise-wide cloud computing initiatives   Cloud computing has become an incredibly popular model for modernizing IT portfolios. With exclusive benefits like gaining agility and speed-to-market, more and more companies are turning to public cloud software.   Hybrid cloud…

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3 Ways to Own Your Org Chart in Microsoft Dynamics 365

3 Ways to Own Your Org Chart in Dynamics 365   By Leila Kojouri   One of the most important facets of client relationship management involves understanding the chain of a command within an organization.   Creating an org chart with Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables a powerful visual representation of…

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