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Charter Global offers SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris products are created for easy implementation to most businesses’ preexisting systems. The intergradation process is straightforward therefore fast to market. Each SAP Hybris application is linked to one another. So, as a company grows and is in need for additional support in ecommerce, marketing, sales, billing, service or…

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Blockchain – Transforming the Big Data Landscape

As technology continues to accelerate and becomes smarter, we are entering what experts refer to as the fourth digital revolution. Blockchain has emerged as one of the leading technology trends in the industry. Let’s dive in to understand blockchain better.   Blockchain Basics Blockchain was developed in 2008 by Satoshi…

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Digital Transformation Trends in 2018

What does it really mean for companies to embrace digital transformation? Nick Candito   All the buzz now is around “digital transformation” and what it means for the future of not only your company but the entire business economy.  Like the “paradigm” movement of the ‘80s, embracing digital transformation is…

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Biggest Announcement from Google I/O 2017

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, introduced new products and shared more information about the company’s “AI first” future. Here’s a quick look at Google’s biggest announcements from its its 2017 I/O keynote.   Google is rethinking “all” of its products for an AI-first world. That’s the high-level promise from Pichai, and…

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Transform your Business with Microsoft Innovation

Charter Global transforms your business and the customer experience with Microsoft solutions.   Our series of customer success stories highlights the innovation of Microsoft solutions and how Charter Global helps clients experience the business value.   Microsoft is helping enterprises create solutions to transform your business and the customer experience. Microsoft Innovation…

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Significance of Embedding Analytics into Your Product

Top 3 considerations for embedding analytics into your product.   In order to support customers’ analytics needs, product developers should focus on visualizations, interactive analytics, and report delivery features. Product owners should ensure their analytics solution supports highly actionable information. Customers may need robust drill-down features to support root cause…

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Healthcare Has an Information and Big Data Problem

Why do we stand for this level of disconnect in healthcare, when we enjoy connection and convenience in domains such as Amazon and Netflix?   We perform so much clinical research and sit on such treasure troves of data in our EHRs, yet often, the right information fails to flow where…

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Richard Branson: Business is an Adventure

By Richard Branson   It’s a mistake to think of a business as a business. Instead, think of it as something that makes a positive difference to people’s lives. Think of it as a wonderful adventure.   In 2016, we’re launching a mission to uncover how America’s brightest business leaders make…

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