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3 Trends in Microservices

3 Trends in Microservices   Microservices is a software development methodology, or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) style responsible for application structuring. From the performance of microservices leading up to 2018, experts have identified some trends that will characterize microservices in 2019.   #1: Test Automation   Conventionally, individuals structured test…

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What is Usability?

What is Usability?   So what exactly is “usability?” Usability means making products, systems, websites and web applications easier to use, matching them more closely to user needs and requirements. A website very often serves as the first impression to your customers – and you need to ensure it is…

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Pros and Cons of Native Mobile Apps

Pros and Cons of Native Mobile Apps   By Sriram Surampudi   What is a Native Mobile App? Native mobile apps are the applications which are developed for specific platform/ operating system using its Software Development Kit (SDK). That is, developing an app using a programming language native to the device…

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How to Create Customizable CMS Using Magnolia

How to Create Customizable CMS Using Magnolia   Developing a dynamic easy-to-edit Magnolia CMS with multiple tiny page components   Building a customizable website is a marketing strategy for businesses who wish to run successful email campaigns. One great email marketing strategy is sending campaign emails containing website landing page…

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4 Essential Features of a Mobile App

4 Essential Features of a Mobile App   Mobile devices have incredibly grown for the past few years and made a huge impact in software development.   More shoppers have been using their mobile phones and tablets because of its convenience. As a result, businesses have been onboard in developing…

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Amazon Launches AWS App Mesh

  Amazon has released the AWS App Mesh, a service Mesh that is here to help make it easy to monitor and control microservices running on AWS. It simplifies and standardizes management of microservices communication traffic and gives end-to-end visibility of your application. App Mesh can currently export logs, metrics, and traces;…

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Google Launches Flutter 1.0

  Google has launched its portable UI Toolkit Flutter 1.0 during its Flutter Live conference in London. Flutter 1.0 is a mobile development platform allowing its user to write apps that share a single code base across iOS and Android with a Native User Interface.     During the launch, many compared Flutter to…

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