Engage, Train and Retain

Outpace, Outskill, Outperform – Empowering Your Business for Growth

Engage, Train and Retain: Positioning Your Business For Growth & Innovation

Securing the right talent is becoming increasingly difficult, creating a gap that affects your ability to leverage technology investments for business growth. Traditional recruitment can’t keep up with rapid technological changes and the specialized skills required. This often results in extended vacancies for crucial roles, delaying projects and diminishing the return on technology investments, which in turn impacts operational efficiency and innovation.

Our Engage, Train, and Retain (ETR) offering is designed specifically to manage these challenges. Our ETR program ensures your organization is equipped with the skilled professionals needed to thrive in the current environment.

Our Expertise: Empowering Your Workforce

Expert Staffing Solutions

Our Engage, Train, and Retain (ETR) offering transforms how you tackle technology staffing challenges. We deploy specialized experts directly into your projects, bypassing conventional hiring delays. Our professionals seamlessly fill critical gaps, propelling your initiatives forward with the necessary momentum to not just resume but thrive, ensuring seamless project continuity and success.

Training and Development

Charter Global enhances your team’s growth with targeted training curricula for your core staff. This strategic initiative ensures your team is well-equipped with vital skills for maintaining and expanding projects. Our goal is to empower your employees to confidently support current operations and spearhead future developments, fostering sustainable project success.

Mentoring and Support

Our ETR offering goes beyond staffing, providing mentoring to enhance team skills and knowledge. This support creates a nurturing learning environment, equipping your staff to address both present and future tech challenges effectively. We ensure your organization is ready for immediate projects and future advancements, securing a resilient path forward

The Business Benefits

Maximize Platform Investment

ETR enables organizations to fully realize the value of their technology investments. By completing and leveraging projects, businesses will enhance their operations to realize a positive impact on the bottom line. ETR is about turning investments into tangible operational successes.

Sustainable Growth Through Upskilling

ETR is more than a staffing solution: ETR begins a cycle of continuous improvement. ETR upskills your current staff creating a virtuous cycle of progress, and ensures your team is always evolving. This leads to continuous enhancements in talent, processes and project outcomes.

Strategic Prioritization and Organizational Agility

ETR is more than filling gaps: ETR is a forward-looking strategy to advance your operations. We engage in a strategy session, to identify critical projects and technologies to improve your agility in response to changing market conditions. ETR enables your business to navigate today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities with finesse.


Engage, Train and Retain

Companies increasingly face challenges filling technology roles. Traditional recruitment processes simply cannot keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology and specific skill set requirements to achieve business benefits.

Engage, Train and Retain (ETR) is designed to address these challenges head-on.

Engage, Train and Retain

Don’t let technology challenges slow you down-take the first step towards a smarter, more agile future. Connect with us to explore how our ETR solution can lead your projects to success and foster sustainable business growth.

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