Top 3 IT Recruitment Trends on the Rise

Author: Charter Global
Published: September 18, 2019
Categories: People Solutions

A few years back, slightly more than 50 percent of recruiters foresaw a candidate-driven job market. Today, 90 percent of recruiters are convinced that the candidates will play a crucial role in any hiring process and role. Let’s take a look at the shift in recruitment trends,  as well as the trends for recruitment in 2019 and beyond.

It’s also important to say that in mature markets, unemployment levels have hit their second-lowest point over the past four decades; simply pointing out that job candidates are the ones with the ball in their court.

According to a thorough research, “Come 2027, 60 percent of people in the work arenas would become independent professionals. The ever-changing technology is the power behind this shift, plus the new generation job seekers are reaching out more to flexibility as well as higher purpose in a career”.

Indeed, job candidates’ expectations are evolving and would definitely shake up things. Besides, a digitalized lifestyle is on the increase; for instance, in the tech sector hiring, candidates are ditching the traditional application process and are increasingly embracing a low-effort, one-click micro job site. Even for talent acquisition, the present generation is clamoring for new approaches.

Recruitment Automation Tools

This is simply the use of software programs that work with new technologies to automate recruiting process. Although these automation tools for recruiting are not new, they are moving to advanced levels, beyond the regular Applicant Tracking System, as well as Recruitment Marketing Software. What people are going to witness more is a new trend that combines these job automation tools using a single platform.

These innovative recruitment tools are quite helpful in attracting, engaging, and ultimately converting candidates. In addition, recruiters can use them to streamline, simplify as well as automate the hiring process, resulting in a faster and increasingly efficient outcome.

So, companies and organizations that are reluctant to integrate recruitment technology and automation tools in their recruitment plan and processes stand the risk of losing the best talents to their rivals who are more forward-thinking and recruitment-tech-oriented.

Talent Sourcing

A must-imbibed recruitment strategy in 2019 and beyond is proactive talent sourcing. According to LinkedIn research, job seekers make up only 36 percent of potential candidates.

But, over 90 percent of these people show interest in information related to new job opportunities.

Increased Use of Mobile Recruiting Apps

Also, the job recruiting arena will witness increased use of recruiting apps in 2019 and beyond. These are apps that recruiters can adopt in posting career opportunities, especially those optimized for smart devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Many forward-thinking organizations and recruiters are already integrating these apps in their recruitment processes and strategy, while others are sluggish to do so (to their own disadvantage).

In addition to mobile recruiting apps, social recruiting will also be on the increase. This is the use of social platforms as databases for talents, and also to achieve employer branding.