3 Ways IT Leaders Can Save Time and Boost Productivity

Author: Charter Global
Published: February 3, 2020
Categories: People Solutions

1. Maximize Cloud Usage

The cloud is an amazingly effective tool for collaboration, allowing colleagues to view progress and make rapid-fire changes quickly. However, there are risks involved, as cloud solutions can attribute to new problems, and waste time if not properly implemented.

Because so many point solutions exist, organizations at times end up with application sprawl and fail to share valuable information among cloud solutions.

Further, caution should be exercised with shadow IT – making absolutely certain that services are secure, functional, and deliver the expected results.

2. Make E-Mail a Cleaner Medium

When technology wastes more time than it saves, it backfires. E-mail represents this dilemma well. The primary form of communication for most all organizations, e-mail messaging is quite hard to abandon for other forms of messaging.

Stress-inducing components involve scanning through endless waves of unnecessary or uninteresting e-mails, which can often distract one from seeing an important email needing urgent attention. What’s more, ineffective email practices also serve to waste your time, and your coworkers.

For example, cc’ing several colleagues on every email causes those colleagues to spend time opening your email, consuming the information and then making a judgment if they should take action or not – when most of these emails weren’t intended for these people anyway.

As a result, this bombardment of messaging creates huge inefficiencies in your organization. Add new people to a message thread with purpose – summarizing information or action points on an as-needed basis, to save the recipient precious time and provide a concise action-item.

3. Expand Your Network

An often highly-underestimated tactic involves seeking out the experience of our peers. Doing so expands your professional network — and incorporates your network into decision making – that can save you loads of time and stress.

Avoid getting burn-out by bouncing ideas and questions around, an incredibly important philosophy in sustainable IT practices.

By speaking with others, we’re quickly reminded that certain problems are not unique to our own organizations – and we can collaborate, with ease, to work through similar issues and help one another.