3 Effective Ways to Automate and Grow Your Business

Author: Charter Global
Published: September 18, 2020

It is the world of speedy responses and fast business – which means implementing automation into your company is almost a no-brainer. To keep up with the rest of the world, businesses are forced to streamline with automation and unfortunately, many businesses don’t know where to start. When company leaders hear the word “automate,” they think that a big price tag comes along with it. In reality, there can be many streamlining solutions that are not as expensive as you might think! Below, we have detailed some of our favorite automation ideas for those wanting to get an edge over their competitors:

1. Keep it simple

“There is beauty in simplicity,” as they say. The simpler a process is, the easier it can be to replicate and automate. While this seems obvious, you would be surprised how many simple tasks within your business you wouldn’t think to automate. When processes become more complex, it can be harder to scale and adapt in the long run. By keeping things simple, automation can free up a lot of an employee’s time.

2. Find where AI and machine learning can be applied.

Big data is key to being able to find trends in the way you do your business (whether it has to do with your customer’s buying habits or even the way you manufacture your products). AI and machine learning can free up data analyzers while finding trends that never would have been spotted in the first place. With AI, efficiency is maximized, and you can learn even more about your business.

3. Notice what your team is doing repeatedly.

Tasks that are done over and over again often take up a large portion of time for employees (even seemingly harmless tasks like sorting through emails). Rather than waste your employees’ time working on things that aren’t geared towards any goals, automate them! Quarterly or even monthly, take the time to sit down with your team to find where you can streamline their workday to make it as productive and efficient as possible. Once some of their time is freed up, they will be better able to use their talents for what needs to be accomplished.

With automation comes increased efficiency. As you take stock of where you can streamline your business, you will find that your employees have more time on their hands and have the bandwidth to take on more creative projects. Not only will they feel empowered to use their skills for what they were hired for, but they will appreciate not needing to do the repetitive tasks that are now automated.

To automate your business, drastic steps don’t necessarily need to be taken! Give us a call at Charter Global today to see how you can streamline your company for better profits and increased efficiency.