Cloud Computing: Fulfilling IT Resources to Meet Business Needs

Author: Charter Global
Published: November 17, 2014

All IT career roads will lead to the Cloud. Have you mapped your path?


Cloud computing is rapidly growing and evolving in importance for organizations. Driven by the need to get real insights from data and by the transfer of infrastructure, applications, and data to the cloud, decreasing investments in legacy systems and associated costs to maintain/upgrade, public and private spending toward Cloud will significantly increase over the next few years. Analyst firm IDC’s report suggested a possible increase of 14 million jobs globally will be needed to meet this demand.


IT knows their professions are on the brink of a significant shift, and so far there are 2 categories of Cloud computing careers that seem to be emerging in the space: 1) Positions seeking IT pros with specific cloud skills like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google App Engine development, Microsoft, or Rackspace skills for companies who’ve already committed to a Cloud Provider and formed new groups within IT. A comparison of Leading job boards and that aggregated social media profiles of IT job seekers compared to web searches by IT recruiters reveals a large increase of those skills. The demand for these roles is expected to be exponential over the next few years. The second category (2) are Positions focused on admins with Cloud architecture know-how and typically “Cloud Solution Architects”, who can work with the business users who haven’t yet defined their path from requirements to actual Cloud deployments. These roles will need strategic expertise of most Cloud computing technology and providers, enterprise architecture/service-oriented architecture, and the ability to form those clouds to fit Enterprise goals.


With this demand looming comes the rise of certification programs, which will be either vendor specific focused on providers such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, etc., which will focus on their products but do provide Cloud computing basics around architectures, or industry and product agnostic providers such as CompTIA Cloud Essentials or offerings from the Cloud Security Alliance. More companies are stepping up to meet this certification demand, as there isn’t enough Cloud talent to go around. Lack of training, certification, or experience are the top 3 reasons cloud positions are not filled.


So the question becomes how do legacy IT professionals evolve their professional development and grow their career paths? The answer is honing skills mentioned earlier like AWS, as well as developing business strategy and data analytics skills, according to experts. An especially hot space within cloud computing applications is data analytics, aka Big Data, which calls for real-time analytics and insights becoming more predictive. IT Professionals that are paying attention to the platforms their organizations are moving to and broadening their skills in those areas, will be in extremely high demand moving forward.


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