Here are ways to save time during a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Author: Charter Global
Published: June 12, 2020

In the software industry, new technology is coming out every single day. It seems that almost as soon as the software is developed, the next big thing is already making its debut. To shorten your software development without losing quality here are some tips.

1. Communication

With the right communication, software development projects can be kept on track (or maybe even sped up). Instead of tackling problems within the life cycle individually, having the entire team be able to brainstorm together is often the best way to find a lasting solution. Well-timed team meetings within the timeline can streamline major phases and better connect everyone helping them see the big picture, rather than just the piece they are working on.

2. Features

Without the right features, the software will be pointless. However, by cutting back on anything unnecessary, developers can reduce the time wasted. The best way to figure out which features are really necessary is to go to the end-user: your customers. Research and identify at the beginning of the project to gather what your target audience will expect to be developed. If you decide that you want to add more features later on, you can.

3. Automation

At Charter Global, we are firm believers in what effects automation can have on a project. In software development, automating repetitive tasks is a great way to free up your developers’ time to work on more important elements of design. Utilizing automation testing tools allows the transition from one team member to the next to be quicker and smoother.

Unfortunately, there are just some areas of software development that you aren’t able to streamline. The saying “you can’t rush perfection” often applies to many phases throughout the software development life cycle. However, by placing focus on the most important parts and taking away unnecessary features, the development project might be able to be trimmed.

Now, all of these methods require a great team with lots of experience. Without a great team, you’ll find that your software is either low quality in nature or was too rushed and lacking the essential elements. The process of finding a well put together team doesn’t have to be tricky. Charter Global provides only the highest quality specialized software developers and automation solutions to help clients speed up their projects without losing quality. When you are ready to talk about your software development, give us a call!