How to Find the Right People to Help Your Business Grow

Author: Charter Global
Published: December 4, 2020
Categories: People Solutions

Many of us are looking towards 2021 with hope for a better year to build on the business we have established and expand for the future. In other words, let’s keep moving and keep growing!

Business expansion can be an exciting and challenging time, as leaders and managers work to delineate and define exactly what types of new staff members are needed. Not only do they want to hire skillful, dedicated workers, but they want to ensure they are choosing the person who is the right fit for the job and the team. The following steps will help you hire the best candidates for your business:

1. Write a decisive and clear job description

Writing a clear and concise job description that communicates your decisiveness will help identify the target candidates you are seeking. Include the hourly rate/salary, whether you are seeking an individual to work as a contractor or a perm placement, and the location of the position.

2. Talent Sourcing

Let Charter Global do the heavy-lifting to locate and deliver the best candidates to meet your business needs. Our database holds over 2 Million candidates; we have over 75 Technical Recruiters throughout the US and around the world; we provide talent sourcing for niche projects in over 50 technologies; and we have available resources 24/7/365. For more information, check-out this online video.

3. Efficiently scheduling interviews

Rather than spending your valuable time reading resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews; let Charter Global place the applications through a rigorous sifting process to make sure you are only seeing the most qualified candidates. It will make this process much easier and more convenient for your schedule.

4. Understanding what your business can offer an employee

Many organizations tend to forget that hiring a new staff member should be a mutual decision. When you find a candidate with the perfect skill-set or an amazing list of work experience, it’s important that you emphasize the benefits of working for your organization.

Charter Global, has been a highly successful IT Staffing and Services Company for over 26 years due to its leadership, vision, and innovation to be client-centered, culturally inclusive, and continued growth. We know how to attract and deliver the best candidates for your business. Contact today!

Posted by Charter Global Inc. on December 04th, 2020.