How Will AI and Machine Learning Transform Marketing?

Author: Charter Global
Published: July 8, 2020

One thing about marketing is that it will never stop evolving. With technology updates, marketing has to continuously adapt to the ways people learn, engage with other people, and use products/services. We have seen in the past that the companies that are late in the game of incorporating technology in their marketing have suffered, which is why it is so important to jump onto thriving trends as they surface in this industry.

Advantages of AI & Machine Learning in Marketing

Marketing will never fully cut out the personal touches of marketing because no matter what, people know people best. However, infusing AI and machine learning into marketing tactics can make it easier for marketers to focus on the more important aspects of their jobs. Automation of certain things can reduce the time marketing employees spend on research, and machine learning can pick out trends and patterns across huge data sets that normally would take someone days to go through by hand.

When working with companies or customers that span the entire globe, handling all of the information can be extremely overwhelming. AI can help collect, verify, and organize all of this information into more manageable sets for real-time analysis by an expert marketer. Doing marketing tasks more efficiently is one of the greatest benefits to AI and machine learning.

Integrating AI with Employees

For employees that have been doing their workload a certain way for many years, the introduction of AI that can reduce their tasks can put them on the defensive. Instead of being relieved that they can now spend more time on more important tasks, employees might fear that they will eventually be replaced entirely by machines. By slowly integrating AI within a team and fully explaining the effects and reasons behind doing so is a great way to belay any fears your employees might have.

Taking a step by step approach to this new integration is also important. With new technology comes a learning curve, especially for people that are not used to AI or any machine learning types of software in marketing. Once all of your team is comfortable with one step, move on to the next until it has been fully integrated.

As marketers begin to appreciate the tedious aspects of their jobs being reduced by machine learning solutions, we believe that the industry will better be prepared to focus on the targeted customers themselves. Without pages and pages of data to break down and sift through, marketers can better utilize their relationship and personal marketing skills to better engage with brands, customers, and businesses as a whole.

Wanting your marketing team to highlight their best skills is something we completely understand at Charter Global, which is why we offer many machine learning solutions. When you are ready to find hidden patterns in your data, predict your customer behavior, and utilize your team more effectively, give us a call to see how we can help!