React vs. Angular – Which one to use?

Author: Charter Global
Published: May 4, 2020

When developing an app, it can be hard to figure out which framework to use. Across the board, there are many different options to choose from with varying features and benefits. The type of framework used is what allows the developer to alter the design, enhance performance, integrate outside sources, and create responsive pages.

Two of the most popular developer frameworks are React and Angular. With that being said, they each have their perks as well as disadvantages.


This framework is the older of the two and utilizes JavaScript as its programming language. It was created by Facebook and is often seen as an easier option to learn and use because of the ability to reuse certain elements across development. Because React uses Virtual DOM, developers are better able to make changes without altering or needing to fix other aspects of the application.

Updates are easier to manage with the isolated components that can be reused, saving a lot of time for coders. Additionally, the framework allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of development. The testing level of app development is quicker to get to when using the React framework with its ease of building.


Angular utilizes a programming language called TypeScript to make the coding process a bit more streamlined and easier to use (resulting in better quality development). Pre-built template designs are offered through Angular to enhance the overall performance and look of the app being created. Like React, it offers reusable options to make the developing process more efficient.

Angular has quite the learning curve. Because it can offer many ways to fix errors and is constantly changing and updating, Angular can be hard to learn for someone just getting into app development. If someone is well versed in the inner workings of Angular, however, they will find that using this framework can be extremely quick.

All in all, getting into app development requires a bit of practice and quite a lot of time spent researching. Depending on the needs of the app itself as well as someone’s experience working with development will largely determine what type of framework to use.

As an app development company with years of experience working with different frameworks, Charter Global can help you choose the one that will be best for your company. If you are determining whether to build an app for your website, we offer many mobile solutions to improve customer experience, efficiency, upgrade to the latest version, business performance across multiple platforms, operating systems, and industries.