Application Modernization

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Revamp your outdated software applications with Charter Global Application Modernization Consulting Services (AMCS)

For the past 25 years, Charter Global has served as a digital expert for mid-market and enterprise businesses, continuously remaining at the forefront of innovation. From mobile app development to agile transformation, we’ve helped numerous organizations launch digital transformation. Our teams of digital experts have industry-leading skill sets and serve as key players in driving growth for businesses across all industries. We have implemented over 100 successful projects, including those requiring the re-engineering of legacy software solutions and complex integrations.

Charter Global is focused on using the latest solutions for our client’s needs, including Microsoft, AWS, IBM, Opensource, SAP BTP, and Pega BPM. We take pride in our demonstrated history of success in delivering impactful digital transformation journeys.

Why Opt For Application Modernization?

  • Build agile and responsive applications to replace legacy applicationsthat are no longer the right fit for the business.
  • Reduce the complexity of continuing to operate legacy applications.
  • Optimize developer time.
  • Build uniformity in organizational processes.
  • Speed up CI/CD pipelines.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs, maintenance costs, and resource wastage.
  • Enhance application security.
  • Reduce technical debt.
  • Improve scalability.
  • Keep up with the latest market trends.

How We Help

Charter Global AMCS helps businesses modernize legacy software applications to remain competitive in the evolving digital landscape. We evaluate the opportunity and value of modernization and then present various implementation options based on the budget and risk profile of the client. The goal is to maximize impact on business value.

Modernization options are listed in increasing order of risk, cost, and impact.


Rehosting is the process of moving an existing application from a legacy environment to a new infrastructure. We can move applications with little to no changes to its architecture or underlying code. As a result, organizations can enjoy the same application functionality and use cases in the new & improved infrastructure.


For businesses looking for a middle ground between refactoring and rehosting, replatforming is an ideal solution. While it doesn't require significant code changes, it requires updates to allow compatibility between legacy apps and a modern platform.


Application modernization often requires refactoring, restructuring, or rewriting. Let our experts guide you through this process, allowing them to run more efficiently in a cloud infrastructure.

Services We Offer

Charter Global AMCS offers services in the following areas:

Custom Application Development

Experience rapid scalability and growth as you leverage bespoke applications.

Mobile App Development

Set the benchmark for a seamless customer experience with our mobile development.

Agile Transformation

Turn your agile vision into a tangible reality with Charter Global consultants, coaches, and mentors.

Digital Commerce

Elevate your digital commerce business with our full-service solutions that help you stay ahead of the competition.

CRM Implementation

Make CRM integration a cornerstone of your business and drive exponential growth.

DevOps & Microservices

Fast-track your application modernization with rapid and seamless collaboration efforts between development and operations.

Key Technologies We Work With

We are experienced with the following fundamental technologies for app modernization:

Cloud Computing

Modern application development often involves a shift from on-premise solutions to the cloud. This can include private clouds, hybrid clouds, or public cloud platforms.


Containerization allows greater efficiency, portability, and scalability, especially if you plan to create a multi-cloud environment.


Automation is key to efficiency and increased productivity in the modern digital environment.

Success Stories

Industries We Serve

Charter Global AMCS is committed to making your digital transformation journey as easy as possible. We look forward to connecting with you! With a diverse client portfolio, we offer services in multiple industries.


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