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What is Image Binarization in AI?

Why do We Need Binarization?   Auto encoders are not able to recognize the images because of the noise in the images, otherwise referred to as "image processing." For avoiding the background noise generated in images we will use a Binarization technique commonly empoloyed with artificial intelligence.   A Breakdown…

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Image Processing.

What is Data Augmentation in Image Processing?

Why Image Data Augmentation?   State-of-the-art AI models require around 500 images per category during their training phase. If the available training dataset has fewer images, then a data augmentation technique can be used. This technique expands the small training dataset by adding additional images which are variations of available…

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Using Autoencoders for Image Classification

Using Autoencoders for Image Classification   How Autoencoders Enable AI to Classify Images   By Radhesyam Gudipudi   Machine learning tasks are usually described in terms of how the machine learning model should process given data. For example, in a classification task, given the image of an elephant as an…

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Why Enterprise Mobility is Important in Organization | Benefits & Future Trends

Enterprise Mobility Solutions   Transformation through mobility is seen in different spheres of life.   Enterprise mobility has proven to suit a wide variety of business models, sizes, and scales. Because of this, many business owners are increasingly embracing enterprise mobility. With this decision, matching or exceeding stiff competition in…

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