AI Is Changing Online Shopping with Images

Author: Charter Global
Published: September 15, 2017

AI-image search is an emerging data-science model that drives highly relevant product offerings to consumers across the social web. More broadly, the effort speaks to how AI search is quickly becoming the retail sector’s next big digital shopping experience.


Retailers are excited about AI because the latest smartphones have created a Snapchat-inspired social world where consumers are starting to use the camera like a keyboard. It’s in its early stage, but AI-image search is based on digital platforms running machine learning that increasingly understands consumers’ interests based on the images they look at online and the social pages that they like.


Because online retail is so image based, retailers recognize AI is a key ingredient in the marketing mix. While all of this may seem intuitive, many marketers are struggling to catch up. Only 11 percent of brands are AI experts, per Forrester Research, while over half fall into the “novice” or “laggard” category.