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Why Android is an MVP in IoT

Android is the Preferred Operating System in IoT   Android is a Major, Driving Force in the IoT Industry   By Srirama Sai Kiran Palavancha   IoT is defined as the interconnectedness of different smart devices over the internet. Recent years have seen a major uptake in IoT developments. With…

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Emerging Trends in Software Development

Emerging Trends in Software Development   Technological Trends   Technological trends have always influenced how industries, business enterprises, and investment parties carry out their operations and decision-making. Because of a constantly changing digital landscape, software development and testing teams must evolve and adopt certain trends to maintain relevance and participate…

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3 Trends in Microservices

3 Trends in Microservices   Microservices is a software development methodology, or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) style responsible for application structuring. From the performance of microservices leading up to 2018, experts have identified some trends that will characterize microservices in 2019.   #1: Test Automation   Conventionally, individuals structured test…

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Pros and Cons of Manual Testing

Pros and Cons of Manual Testing   By Leila Kojouri   Testing is a fundamental part of every effective programming venture. Divergent variables such as venture necessities, course of events, appropriateness and mastery dictate how the testing will be performed (either manually or automated). The three fundamental elements to the…

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IoT Trends in the Software Industry

IoT Trends in the Software Industry   By Srirama Sai Kiran Palavancha   Traditional software is operated by people and functions on desktop computers or on computers in data centers and more recently on mobile phones and tablets. The internet of things introduces a complex combination of hardware and software…

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Digital Transformation Trends in 2018

What does it really mean for companies to embrace digital transformation? Nick Candito   All the buzz now is around “digital transformation” and what it means for the future of not only your company but the entire business economy.  Like the “paradigm” movement of the ‘80s, embracing digital transformation is…

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