We ensure IT works how you work.

Information is your most valuable asset.

Charter Global transforms your Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing Systems (DWH) into powerful business tools. Identify critical information that can have an impact on decision making and evaluate historical analysis to predict business trends.

Industry Experts

Our talented team of data scientists and industry specialists apply their experience and understanding of the science behind raw data analysis to help companies visualize and realize their business potential.

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Business Intelligence

We provide operational insight on your systems that leads to informed decision marking. Charter Global transforms you from a reactive business into a proactive business with technology and processes that improve productivity, stability, and market standing.

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Data Warehousing Systems

DWS is the core component of Business Intelligence. Our data integration experts are skilled in managing data acquisition, modeling, and mining. They take a results-oriented approach to the analysis, design, integration, and build of data warehouses using SQL and noSQL based technologies.


BI and DWS Expertise

Develop scope, strategy, and project plan

System architecture creation & multidimensional database design

Hardware & software recommendations

Data extraction from disparate sources

Operational data store construction

Data cleaning and transformation

Front-end and back-end components integration

Analytical reporting and dashboard generation

Regulatory compliance and risk assessment

Customer relationship analysis

Workforce productivity analysis