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A comprehensive approach to information technology assessments.

Information Technology Assessment

As your business grows, it’s important to ensure that the technology you have in place is right for the job. You need a method to assess how effectively your current technology is performing and identify areas where it may be lacking. With an Information Technology Assessment (ITA) from Charter Global, you will gain detailed insights into how your technology is currently serving your needs, along with a strategic roadmap for enhancing these tools in the future.

What Are Infromation Technology Assessment Services?

Your business relies on technology, but how often do you take a hard look at how those tools are being used? Are you certain they are even the right ones to begin with? ITA services are tailored to provide you with visibility into how your business utilizes technology and how those tools and processes could be enhanced. This insight is essential for devising a roadmap to progress and improve the efficiency of your operations.

How Does the ITA Process Work?

A successful ITA evaluates your people, your processes, and your technology, along with how these three elements all interact. Typically, clients reach out to Charter Global because they’ve experienced some pain around their technology and want to know where things might be improved. Our first step, then, is a discovery process designed to help us zero in on your major concerns.

We adhere to a four-phase onboarding process tailored for our new clients, meticulously crafted to gather essential information and knowledge required to initiate a thorough assessment. Once this onboarding process is complete, we’ll conduct a full ITA of your organization, identify your technology strengths as well as your risks, and give you the information you need to create a road map for future initiatives.

Our Expertise: Comprehensive Information Technology Assessments

Charter Global is the reliable ally you need for thorough and perceptive IT Assessments (ITA). Drawing on our vast knowledge and seasoned experience, we promise to provide a holistic understanding of your technological environment and deployment tactics.

We offer a variety of ITA services tailored to meet a wide range of business needs and obstacles. Below are examples of the ITAs we provide:

Business-Aligned ITA

Does your technology genuinely synchronize with your business's strategic priorities? At Charter Global, our Business-Aligned ITA ensures an assessment of your tool utilization towards accomplishing your crucial business objectives.

Security Assessments

Relying on technology to safeguard information and data is essential. However, it's crucial to ensure you have the appropriate tools for the task. Our security assessments aim to pinpoint any potential vulnerabilities.

IT Organizational Assessments

The way your organization works, the processes you follow, and the way your business is structured can all be impacted by technology. We’ll examine each of these elements to identify opportunities for improvement.

Disaster Recovery

When a disaster strikes, how well is your business poised to recover? The answer depends largely on the technology that you have in place. Our IT assessments will evaluate your systems and can support the continuity of your business.

Benefits of Conducting ITAs

It is hard to reach your destination if you do not know where you are. If you want to use technology tools to help your business achieve its goals, the first step is to figure out exactly where you stand today: What tools you rely on, what is going well, and where there is room for improvement. Performing an IT assessment provides you with a concise overview of your status, offering valuable advantages.

Minimized Risk

If you have the wrong tools in place, your business may be at risk. An ITA can help you identify and mitigate those risks before they turn into a problem.

Decreased Expenses

When you get rid of inefficient technology, you can decrease your operating expenses and help to streamline your business.

Increased Revenue

Identifying the tools you need with an ITA can help your business become more efficient, serve customers better, and increase your overall revenue.

Identification of Strengths

What sets your business apart? How effectively are you utilizing technology? An IT Assessment (ITA) can provide clarity by identifying your current strengths, ensuring they're maintained for future success.

Development of Strategic Roadmaps

The data and information uncovered during an IT Assessment (ITA) are pivotal for planning and prioritizing your strategic technology initiatives. Developing your roadmap begins with an ITA from Charter Global.

Improved Efficiency

When you take a hard look at the way your business uses technology, you may be surprised by the redundancies you uncover. Identifying those inefficiencies is the first step to eliminating them.

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