Upgrading to New Angular Versions

Author: Charter Global
Published: May 13, 2020

Think of how a phone acts when it has not been updated regularly – it’s sluggish, some of the apps don’t work, and you are not able to utilize all the new features everyone is talking about. This is exactly the situation when people do not update their version of Angular. As a platform for building applications quickly with an expansive base of tools, millions of developers around the world utilize Angular. The platform releases a major update twice a year with smaller releases in between.

Why It’s Important to Upgrade

As you upgrade your version of Angular, you will be able to develop and produce faster, create more responsive experiences for your users, and become more efficient in your processes. You want your application to be completely usable for your customers – without Angular upgrades, it’s highly possible for different features to become outdated and slow, or worst of all, completely unusable

While some people might not think it’s worth it to stay on top of upgrades, it can be detrimental to the overall functionality of your builds to do so. Because Angular upgrades are continuations of each other, you could be missing out on improvements to features you already use and love. Because major upgrades are only released twice a year, you don’t have to worry about constantly needing to restructure the way you build.

What New Updates Can Include

Each Angular upgrade features more stability and improvement. Updates feature bug fixes, better optimization, visual improvements, and new features like CLI prompts, drag and drop modules, and virtual scrolling. As technology continues to come out with more and more ways to boost operations, it only makes sense that the team behind Angular would adapt to ride the wave.

Angular attempts to include as much in each upgrade as they possibly can without taking too long in between them in order to minimize the disconnect between development and consumers. That means new updates probably won’t include only a couple of small things – you should be able to expect a variety of smaller benefits or a select few major changes, making the upgrades much more worthwhile.

Keeping up with Angular upgrades and releases can be a bit of a nuisance. However, without them, your app is almost guaranteed to be behind the curve in technology and your customers will feel it. Whether you are looking for someone to make new upgrade transitions smoother or simply need someone to build your mobile or web application for you, Charter Global can efficiently determine the best solution for you.