What Makes Scrum Teams So Effective?

Author: Charter Global
Published: July 10, 2020

We know Scrum Teams are one of the most effective ways to get a project developed. But how exactly do they do it? Is it a secret that only the team knows and can implement? Where did the team learn it? Is it about motivation? Is there a way to use their strategies in other ways in a business?


The root of how a scrum team can be so effective boils down to three key areas: How the team works together, the values of members, and the expertise each of them brings to the table.


How the Team Works Together


Everyone knows that a team with dysfunctional members won’t get anywhere. On the other hand, a collaborative team that has like-minded individuals that are each aware of the value everyone brings in will work extremely well. A scrum team knows the dynamic between each other and can play off of everyone’s strengths to form an elite problem-solving group perfect for companies that need innovative project development solutions.


The Values of Members


You can form a team based on similar held values and still get a team that isn’t as effective as scrum – this is because of the specific values that are placed in importance for a scrum team. Scrum teams are innovative, customer-focused, and put a lot of stress on communication between members. As a highly motivated group, the team uses their strong beliefs to propel the project onward and forward through any snag that might develop.


The Expertise Each Member Brings


Each member of a scrum team is extremely knowledgeable about multiple areas of development to better help with the flow of the project. Because each person can work on a variety of sub-tasks within the project development, there is less time wasted on waiting for a piece to be handed off to the next person in the team. This cross-functional knowledge also helps each of the members understand the problems each of them might face through the timeline and can brainstorm alongside each other for better solutions.


Altogether, these three things allow a scrum team to provide some of the best development services out in the industry. The composition of a scrum team is how they can be so successful – which is why it can be hard to create one. Let Charter Global find the perfect flexible, dynamic scrum team for you so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of sifting through hundreds of applications!